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Requested Time Windows

We ask this information so that we can create a ROUTE for our crew.  We do our best to make your requested WINDOW work, but it may not always available.  Also please note that any delays in setup or removal can incur additional charges

Purpose & Use Of Tent

Please let us know what you will be using the tent for. Also note that no cooking is allowed under any tents, nor can the tent be close to a cooking appliance.

Site Location Name

You may not have a location name however if you do this information does come in handy for our site crew. The location name could be the park name, venue name, etc. Our Site Crew can then use this information when finding directions on GPS.

Importance Of  A Site Map

Our Site Crew for install and take down isn't always the same. This is why it's imperative that we collect a site map from you. If you are unable to provide one now we will request it by email at least one week prior to set up. If you are unable to provide one we may need to turn down your request of rental.

Here is a sample site map of what we like to see. We like to see where our access point is, and where the tents will be going.

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