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General FAQ's

General FAQ's

Q. Do you offer party rental packages/planning packages?

Due to the unique and individual nature of each event and the wide variety of products we offer, we do not offer standard packages. We also cannot guarantee the size of tent we may recommend to you will in fact work properly for your event. we recommend referencing our sizing chart found here to help you determine the size needed for your event.

Q. How early should I reserve a tent?

All our tent rentals are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Some events may book as much as a year in advance. Popular dates may be fully booked months in advance. Contact our sales staff as early as possible to ensure the best availability for your event.

Q. How do I place my rental order?
Please fill out the quote request form through our website and a member from our sales team will get back to your shortly. If this is for a last minute booking please contact our office by phone.

Q. How can I pay for my rental order?

We accept cash, checks, major credit cards, and interact e-transfer. Final payment is due two weeks prior to your setup day. We also charge a 4% processing fee for CC payments. 


Q. Can I cancel my order?

Cancellation of reserved items may not result in a refund. Please contact us as soon as possible with changes and or cancellations to your order. We will normally be in touch 2-4 weeks prior to your event date to confirm your order, but you can always call or email us sooner. To read our full cancellation policy please see our Terms and Conditions form which can be found here.

Q. How much assistance will I receive from your sales team?

Due to every event being unique our sales staff will do their best to tailor an order to meet the vision of your event.  However we want to make you aware that we are a tent rental company not a party planning company, so please keep in mind that while we do want to help you we can not guarantee our recommendations will in fact be what you need for your event. This is why we have created space on our website with all of the information you will need to make an informed decision on selecting the size of tent needed for your event. 

Q. What do I do in case of an emergency?

Tents are designed to withstand the elements, however they are temporary structures. It is very important to have an emergency plan in place ahead of time and a point person who knows the plan and can make decisions if necessary. An emergency plan should include contact information for emergency services and vendors associated with the event, as well as contingency plans for foul weather including an evacuation plan.

Q. What areas do you service, and what are the pickup and delivery costs?

We service the entire Greater Vancouver area, and Fraser valley. We have even gone to do jobs up in Whistler/Squamish, and over to the coastal islands.  Delivery and pickup fees are based on many factors including distance, type of event and time of year. Please contact our expert sales staff for an accurate quote that will included delivery and pickup services.

Setup & Take-down FAQ's

Setup & Takedown

Q. What areas do you service, and what are the pickup and delivery costs?

We service the entire Greater Vancouver area, and Fraser valley. We have even gone to do jobs up in Whistler/Squamish, and over to the coastal islands.  Delivery and pickup fees are based on many factors including distance, type of event and time of year. Please contact our expert sales staff for an accurate quote that will included delivery and pickup services.


Q. When will my tent be delivered and picked up?

Our normal delivery is 1-3 days prior to the event and picked up 1-2 days after the event. Our sales staff will contact you 48hrs prior to your event to confirm your order and schedule for delivery. We will do our best to accommodate specific delivery schedule needs, so please let our sales staff know of any restrictions as soon as possible. Extra fees may apply.

Q. Do I need to be on site while my tent is being setup?

While it is not required for you to be onsite for setup or take down we would highly recommend you or a trusted party is there to meet with our crew, as this will help insure the correct placement of the tent, and that all items ordered made it to site. We will also be in contact closer to your event to ask for any site maps or tent placement maps you may have that we can send with the setup crew. 

Q. What do I need to do in order to prepare for delivery?

Prior to delivery you should ensure the area is prepared.

Make sure there are no vehicles or other objects that may block direct access to the site for our delivery crews. If you are renting a tent, the tent site should be free from any removable obstructions such as toys or furniture and clean from trash, debris and animal waste. Be sure to complete any mowing or landscaping of the tent site in advance. Don’t forget to notify your landscaper of any schedule changes for that particular week.

All other rental items should be removed from under the tent prior to our crew coming for take down. So it is important to schedule other party rental companies for removal prior to us returning for the strike of your tent. 

If our crew needs to clear the area prior to setup, or remove items from under the tent prior to strike, there will be extra labour charges to your rental for time spent on the removal of items. 

Tent Space & Installation Requirements

Tent Space & Installation

Q. How do I know what size of tent I’ll need?
It is difficult to give hard and fast rules as so much depends on the type of function, the layout of the function and the site space available (which can determine the width of unit supplied). We suggest using either of these free sites listed below to design the layout you are looking for, which will help you decide the size of tent you require. You can also use our chart found here to help you with determining a base size, and a place to start when designing your floor plan.

Social Tables

All Seated


Q. How much space do I need for a tent?

All our tents require stakes pounded into the ground to safely secure the tents. Typically, stakes will be set anywhere from 3-5 feet away from the tent. This can add as much as 15 feet to the overall dimension of the tent. As a general rule, you should add 5 to 10 feet to each dimension of the tent. For example, a 40’ x 60’ tent may require an area 45’ x 70’.  If you have any questions or concerns about the space required for a tent, our staff can schedule a site visit.

Q. What if my tent site is not very flat or soft?

To best answer this question, a member of our sales staff should visit your site to determine if the area is flat enough for tenting. Tents can adapt to some change in elevation, however tables and chairs and dance floor may be more of a concern in some cases. Soft ground can compromise the safe installation of some tents. During a site visit we can address this issue. There are flooring options available to cover an entire tent if need be. Contact our sales staff for more information.

Q. Can you install a tent on asphalt, cobblestones, cement pads, patios, or boats?

Yes we can. We offer a wide variety of sizes and types of tents that can be installed in many locations. We would use weights, sandbags, ratchets, or a combination of each to secure the tent. Some of these locations would require a site visit prior to ensure we have a clear idea on the setup logistics.

Q. Can tents be installed in cold weather?

Yes. We can and do install throughout the winter for many types of events. Tents can be completely enclosed and heated as necessary to provide a welcoming outdoor event space. 

Q. Do I need a permit for my tent install?

Each community has its own regulations regarding permits based on the size and type of event being held. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to start with a call to your local municipality for their regulations. Usually if it is a temporary structure on private property a permit is not required, however some public locations will require a permit.

Q. Can I install a tent myself?

All our tents are professional grade and require installation by skilled installers as required by our insurance. Having a tent installed by a trained crew of installers also ensures a safe installation that only serves to benefit your guests and your event.

Q. Can I cook under the tent?

We do have tents for this purpose which are available for rent however, customers are solely responsible for any damage from cooking equipment, fireworks, explosives, fire pits, bonfires or other fire sources. You must also clearly state that cooking is the purpose for the tent being rented. Cooking is not permitted under our high end frame tents or marquees.


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