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Marquee Tents

The term marquee is sometimes used to refer to a pole tent; however, marquee more commonly refers to a long, narrow walkway style tent. Marquee tents are typically 6’ to 10’ wide and vary in length. They are commonly used to connect two larger tents together, connect a tent to a building, or to create an entryway into a larger tent. That is not to say however that you cannot get larger marquee tents. In fact one of our most popular rentals is a 20x20 Marquee.

Q. How long does it take to erect a marquee?
The time taken to install the marquee can vary depending on size, location, complexity and internal finish required. Small family occasions are normally completed in one day or less but some larger events may take 2 or 3 days. Very often they can be installed a day or so ahead of the function date to allow the client preparation time.

Q. How do I know what size of marquee I’ll need?
It is difficult to give hard and fast rules as so much depends on the type of function, the layout of the function and the site space available (which can determine the width of unit supplied). We suggest using either of these free sites listed below to design the layout you are looking for, which will help you decide the size of tent you require. You can also use our chart found here to help you with determining a base size, and a place to start when designing your floor plan.

Social Tables

All Seated

Q. Does the marquee need to be erected on grass?
No, it can be erected on any flat surface, although grass is by far the easiest as we are able to spike in most grassy areas. All other surfaces require weights to secure marquees if the surface cannot be spiked.

Q. How flat does the surface need to be?
Obviously the flatter the surface the better, especially if a floor is to be incorporated. However, the marquee can cope with a gentle slope. We also have ways of setting up tents in awkward locations and would suggest booking a free site visit if you feel one is needed.


Q. How does the marquee cope with adverse weather conditions?
Windy conditions and torrential rain can result in it becoming noisy within the marquee while excessive rain can cause the area surrounding the marquee to become soft and muddy on a grassy site. When connecting two or more Marquee tent's together, gutters will be used to direct the rain away from the tent, however we still cannot guarantee that it won't get wet under the tent.

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