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Ceiling Liner

Liners are specially made drapes for the roof/canopy of the tent which make the tent feel more romantic and give an older more traditional style. The Fabric is gathered which makes them drape and swoop down from the peak of the tent to the perimeter of the tent.  You can also have lights hung between the liner and the tent top to give a sparkly or evening feel.

Q: What are the pro's and con's of having a tent liner?

The pro's of having a tent liner lie in the fact of how they look, and the type of atmosphere you would like to present at your event.  Tent's tend to have a lot of rafters, and wires going throughout the top of the tent so if you want to hide these a liner is a great way to go especially if you are wanting to create a whimsical, romantic, bridal magazine look. The biggest con to having a ceiling liner is in the cost, in a lot of cases the liner can end up costing you about half the amount of the tent if not more. The other con is if you are setting up your tent in a very dusty area, the liner can become dirty, and have an off white look to it. 

Q: Can I attach other decor items to the liner?

Unfortunately, no you cannot. One the liner is not strong enough to support any other weight being attached to it, and two they tend to snag and rip easily so any damage to the liner will need to be paid for by the renter. This means we strongly advise against pinning, or hanging from the liner. 

Q: Are we responsible for any damage that may happen to the tent liner?

Yes. The renter takes full responsibility of any damage done to any of our rental items. The full terms in regards to this will be found in the Terms and Conditions form you signed upon booking your rental.

Q: If something happens to the liner before my event, who should I call? (ie: A piece falls down, tears, or gets very dirty)

It would be very odd if this did happen, however we work in the business of odd so if this does happen please call our office ASAP, and we will do our best to have someone come out and fix it for you. 

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