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Event Management

At Phoenix we want to give our clients the opportunity to make one call for all their special event needs. With that being said we have forged specific partnerships with other top end service providers and can coordinate your needs with them. Because we work so closely and frequently with these business we are confident that we can optimize both your time and dollars spent. Take advantage of multi-event pricing negotiated by Phoenix.

These management services include:

  • Cash Management: if you are looking for assistance with handling all aspects of the "dollars" of your event let us help you make "cents" of it all. From the cashiers and floats to credit cards purchases and deposits we can help.
  • Fencing: From full height to separation with scrim we can help! There are many options available and we can give you some suggestions to make your event a success as well as save you money!
  • Security: Safety is a high priority and important to you and your quests. If your event requires that safety feature let us provide you those discretionary options that can give you peace of mind.
  • Portable Toilets: this item cannot be overlooked! To having the right number based on your expected attendance to location and accessibility - toilets are a very important feature of any event. Let's talk and we can help!
  • Sound Systems: whether it's for dancing or speeches the right sound system is key to getting your message to your guests.
  • Catering: If you want your guests to stick around - you have to feed them! We can offer suggestions from full service to quick snacks - you make the choice and set the menu!
  • Hot Water & Sinks: If you plan on cooking you will need the proper facilities as required by the Health Board - we can help you stay within the rules!
  • Power Systems: depending on what you have in mind you will need power to make it go! From small generators to large power plants we can get you the power you need!
  • On Site Production Services: if you are looking for some assistance with your event we can help. From the start we are here to help and we can take your event right through to completion - the choice is yours!
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You definitely surpassed all expectations. Dealing with you by email and phone was efficient and a pleasure.

Your son and his crew were polite, fast and focused. It was a weekend filled with emotion and to be able to count on Phoenix made everything a little bit easier.

I will be recommending your company to any and all who may ask me about tent rentals in the future.

With sincere thanks,

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