Ceiling Liner

Liners are specially made drapes for the roof/canopy of the tent which make the tent feel more romantic and older traditional style.  The Fabric is gathered and drapes swoop down from the peak of the tent to the perimeter of the tent.  You can have lights hung between the liner and the tent top to give a sparkly or evening feel. 

Leg Drapes

Leg Drapes are to cover the metal leg of the tent.  We install in the basic format with the white tie and you are able to dress the ties up with your own creation to bring more decor to you tent.


Walls come in many different styles.  Phoenix Tents carries a high end wall that is full clear or solid.  The wall is attached at the leg and has the ability to open and close like a curtain.  Slide the wall open, tie back and then close again at night to keep heat in.
We are the only tent company with glass walls – if you are looking to really bring your event to the next level this is the way to go.


We can do glass doors with crash bars surrounded by glass or we vinyl.  We also have a non glass door that can “ramp” up your VIP tent for your festival.


Lighting is about setting the mood.  We have basic lighting for your tent and can recommend lighting companies for specialty lighting.  This is an extremely important addition to the decor and overall feel of your event.  Don’t be shy in layering lots of lighting.


Flooring is typically more expensive per square foot than the tent, but again has a dramatic effect on your event.  Phoenix carries a wood sub-floor that we screw together that is painted with a grey textured paint for non-slip.  You can leave like this or you can cover with carpet.


We carry Carpet Tiles in grey, but you can have any carpet you desire.  Carpet needs to be purchased by color lot and is expensive.  We have professional carpet layers install the carpet over the sub-flooring (and removal).  When completed your tent has turned into a fantastic ballroom of any decor.