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Features & Benefits:

The Marquee Tent has a distinct, high-peaked center which adds a unique bold look to the skyline of any event.  The Marquee tent is useful in areas with difficult access such as roof-top patios, tight places, terraced landscapes and urban gardens.

Marquee Tents are available in a variety of sizes but they are primarily used as smaller, stand-alone units. However, these tents can also be joined together and guttered to create unique entryway or reception space. These structures make excellent additional supplemental space when used with larger frame structures adding a visual unique feature while providing that necessary extra floor space. Some common uses are coat rooms, registration areas, reception entry ways, dressing rooms, staging areas etc.


Specialized Accessories:

Marquee accessories include side wall options with either stationary or sliding application (or zippered openings) with choice of flag color for the peak if desired (Standard colors blue, green, red, yellow).


Sizes available: 

10x10, 10x15, 10x20, 15x15, 15x20, 20x20, 20x30, 30x30, 30x45 Hex.

Available with either 8 or 10ft tall side legs. The roof fabric can also be upgraded with a skylight feature that allows natural light during the day and a unique ambiance when viewed from outside at night.



White or limited Black

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